By using Offrakle you have accepted the following terms:

  • You must not misuse offrakle
  • You must renew offrakle days ahead before expiration date
  • You must not leave funds on offrakle for more than 7days, offrakle is not a savings bank
  • You must not share your license with third-party person or service
  • You must inform us before you use offrakle on another device
  • You must not use VPN while running offrakle because it has it's own built-in VPN
  • You must ask question about anything you do not understand without trying out blindly otherwise whenever you get stucked the support team might not help you
  • You must always have your license handy whenever you want to contact support team
  • You must never use vulgar or abusive word to address the support team
  • You must always be polite
  • You must never lie to our support team or specialist
  • You are not allowed to argue our professional staffs

Offrakle management reserves the right to amend or adjust this terms without notifications.