How to sell crypto currency in Nigeria

We want y’all (Nigerians) to know How to sell crypto currency in Nigeria and get paid in naira currency, where to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria, we understand the recent ban imposed on crypto currency in Nigeria by the Nigerian government therefore we decided to come up with this helpful post,

For you to sell your crypto currency in Nigeria and get paid in naira it is easy as eating apples ? yes trust me it’s easy more than you can imagine and there’s no risk in this.

There are alot of people with bad experience of selling their bitcoin without being paid, alot of fraud experience which is one of the biggest problem in the crypto space not only in Nigeria but we have solved that problem for our Nigerian readers, we have made our research and have confirmed credible crypto merchants that are reliable you can sell your crypto to and get paid without stories or fraud and those crypto exchange are listed below, |

instantexchangers have been into the business for long and are a reliable popular platform where many crypto traders or hodlers sell their Crypto and get paid while has been into the business for less than two years, difference between this two platform is that one pays quick with good rate but less than three years in the business while the other has been into the business for up to three years but doesn’t pay on time as almost instantly as the other,

There’s another option for instant sell and instant buy that is completely automated which is which you can as well use to send and receive funds transfer worldwide without hassles,

Our top pick is instantexchangers because it has been into the business for long than others, to use instant exchangers all you have to do is to CLICK HERE AND SIGN UP 


after signing up on INSTANTEXCHANGERS next is to navigate to the menu and click the “SELL” tab


after that, next is to choose crypto to sell if it’s bitcoin then choose bitcoin


fill out the above accordingly and click the proceed, an address will be generated to you along with the exact amount in crypto you will send. do that and you’re done, as soon as it’s completed they will pay to your bank account you submitted also read their terms and conditions to avoid complications,

You can decide which you want to use among any of our listed crypto currency exchange platforms, we are glad to bring you this tip on how to sell crypto currency in Nigeria, if this post is helpful kindly drop a comment below.