How to check credit card available balance

We know how important it is for you to check available balance of a credit card so here’s how to check credit card available balance,

every hacker either new or professional wants to check the card in their possession before carrying the carding, that is a very important part of carding.

Successfully check Credit/Debit Card balance

Wether it is credit card or debit card you should check the available balance of it before you begin the carding by taking out funds from the card,

checking availability of funds in the credit/debit card helps you determine how much you want to take out or know if there’s no money in it or not. For you to be able to check available balance of a particular credit/debit card you must have access to the account and for you to have access it’s either the account belongs to you or you very close to the account holder,

How to check credit card available balance

another way is to hack the bank account and hacking a bank account involves a lot of risks and a lot of skills before you can successfully do that. Worry not because this article will walk you through how to check credit card available balance without having any skills or managing any risk. To successfully do the balance checking you need offrakle,

What is Offrakle?

offrakle is an all in one hacking software/application that aids you carry out a lot of illegitimate transactions related to bank and other unregulated crypto services, learn more about offrakle here.

Watch How to Hack credit card and withdraw money from it using Offrakle

How to get offrakle

if you want to get offrakle you have to first of all create your account (online or on the application/software). If you want to download the app kindly download offrakle here,

How to check credit card available balance

after creating your account you will have to make a payment for it depending on the license you chose during your account creation, ensure yo use a valid email incase the customer support wants to reach out to you. Learn how to create your offrakle account here, if you have any question don’t forget to contact offrakle customer support. With offrakle you can convert your funds to bitcoin and sell your bitcoin to cash at any crypto exchange such as binance, inflowchange and many more. Goodluck!

How to download flash funds

Flash funds software download with activation

Stop searching for flash funds software download with activation or looking for a way to download flash funds, Check this!. there’s nothing like flash funds software download with activation.

Don’t fall victim to scams!

We advise you get flash funds license first and then use it to authorize your download of flash funds then use it for your transactions, there’s nothing like flash funds activation, flash funds activation key, flash funds activation code or whatsoever.

You must get the license and with the license you will access the download portal and with the same license you will be able to login into the flash funds app and carry out your transactions at your convenient time,

Anyone out there giving you fake application or software then demanding you to pay will scam you, becareful!

There’s no software that can he given free to you and then you are asked to pay before it will be activated for you, or power director software developers and others software companies will charge you for the software and then provide you with the license.

You have to choose your preferred license/software type to enable you use any software or get any software in the world, for you to carry out a flash funds transaction you need to get Offrakle first, with offrakle you will be able to flash funds, withdraw money from any credit card or debit card without authorization, bypass OTP verification and do more even to redeem gift cards.

How To Get Offrakle License?

For you to get offrakle license you should learn how to get offrakle license here to buy your preferred offrakle license, after getting the license you will receive mail on the instructions on how to download it, you should also contact our customer support if you need any help through this process which is made easy.

After getting the offrakle license next thing to do is to download the offrakle,

How To Download Offrakle

For you to be able to download offrakle like explained above, you must first of all have the license, for you to have the license you have to purchase it, after purchasing it you will receive an email with link to the download portal and it’s instructions of how to download the flash Funds (Offrakle) software/app.

Please make sure you input valid email you have access to it’s mailbox when purchasing your preferred offrakle license because you will receive an email and goodluck!

How to download flash funds

Flash funds software 2023

On this article we explained in details how you can get Flash funds software without any issues or falling victim to scams, Download flash funds app without any hassles. A lot of people do not or may not understand what flash funds means and we will first of all explain it for those of our intending customers or visitors that might have come across this post either intentionally or by mistake


Flash funds is a bank transaction software that hackers use to pay their business partners or victims whom they don’t know in real life or in person, for example, you met someone on the internet and the person renders a service to you and it is time for you to pay the person and you can use flash funds software to flash the amount of money agreed by both parties to the person’s bank account


It works this way, just request for their bank account, just the account number is enough and the software will automatically validate the bank account by bringing out the account name for you and after confirming the bank account is correct you can then input the amount of money you are asked to pay to the person then you hit the Proceed button to flash the payment


The money you flashed will remain in the account for minimum of one hour (for the basic or minimum license of the software) but the duration the money can stay in the beneficiary account can be adjusted or set by you only if you are using the higher license then you will be able to set how long it will take to arrive and how long it can stay to disappear from the bank account of the beneficiary.

Back to how you can obtain or get the Flash funds software, for you to get the flash funds software is easy so far you plan to get it the right way, you will get it without any stress but if you want to get it or download the flash funds software for a very cheaper price below our pricing or even for free you may end up getting ripped (scammed),


If you want to get the flash funds software or app we advice you to contact us to enable us guide you and assist you on how to use it or you can get it here by yourself and use it, but first step you should take is to get offrakle and with offrakle you will be able to carry out your flash funds transaction,


How to download Flash funds software

Offrakle is a bank account and crypto hacking software which with it you can do the following transactions easily from your comfort zone anywhere any day and at anytime:

  • Flash funds
  • Carding
  • MT103
  • OTP Bypass
  • BTC Flash
  • Clipboard Malware
  • CC loading

For you to get offrakle you need to get the license first which will enable you to download the offrakle software because without offrakle license you can not be able to download the software, you need license to be authorized to download it by our platform, so your next step is to Buy your preferred license here or you can as well contact us to help you with your license purchase.

I am sure you now know how to download Flash funds software and steps to download flash funds app, when you finally get it you will learn how to flash funds which is very easy as explained above. thanks for reading and share with other smart hustlers. cheers!

Flash fund

What is offrakle used for?

What is offrakle used for?, It’s used for withdrawal of money from credit card without authorization, flash money into bank account available balance, run MT103, Get bank logs, redeem gift card, swift transfer, check credit card available balance and more.

Offrakle comes with independent built-in wallet and that’s where your money that you withdraw from credit card or debit cards go to then you can from the wallet withdraw it to your local bank account,

Will I be traced if i withdraw the money directly to my bank account with Offrakle?

You won’t be traced but you have another option of withdrawal of the funds from your offrakle wallet, you can convert it to crypto currency and sell the crypto currency to any exchange platform like, Luno, Binance or any of your preferred crypto currency exchange and get paid into your local currency without any traces,

Is Cryptocurrency traceable?

Understanding Bitcoin traceability, all bitcoin transactions are public, traceable, and permanently stored in the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin addresses are the only information used to define where bitcoins are allocated and where they are sent. These addresses are created privately by each user’s wallets, on offrakle it is not traceable and it’s not linkable.

When you sell the crypto currency to an exchange and take your money or get paid into your local currency you have wiped off all possible traces and you are good to go,

What details are required for credit card hacking on offrakle?

On Offrakle if you want to hack a credit card you must use the “Carding” feature and the only details you need are the following

  • Card number
  • CVV
  • Expiry date
  • Billing address (optional)
  • Names (optional)

With Offrakle you can check credit card available balance

You can check the available balance of the card before you proceed with your carding transaction and this makes it easy for you to identify empty cards and a card loaded with funds.

I hope this article is helpful and we will want you to share this update with other hustlers.

How to check credit card available balance

How to get offrakle App

Alot of people want to know how to get offrakle App but offrakle is not an application, it is cloud a program, Get offrakle account here.

How Can I Get Offrakle App?

Offrakle is not an app or software you can download or buy, it is a cloud program all you need to do is to create your account on offrakle, pay for it and then login to begin using offrakle.

Where To Get Offrakle

How to get offrakle App

You can only get offrakle by creating account and for you to create offrakle account you must go here: or type in your browser

Note that you can only have an account on offrakle you can’t get offrakle because is not a downloadable file or a software.

How To Create Offrakle Account

Offrakle is a self-service cloud program that you can use by getting started first with:-

  1. Goto
  2. Choose license type
  3. Fill out the account creation form
  4. Hit the “Create Account” button
  5. Pay for your account
  6. Login

Is It Difficult To Have Offrakle?

It is very simple to have offrakle account, after creating account and paying for it the next steps you should follow is to login if the portal did not automatically redirect you to your account dashboard,

How To Login To Offrakle Account

If you want to login to offrakle you should type into your browser and enter your username/email and password 🔑

How To Use Offrakle

After you have successfully logged into your offrakle account you are then free to begin your transactions on offrakle,

Key Features Of Offrakle – What Offrakle Is Used For

  • Redeem any gift card
  • Carding (withdraw money from credit/debit card)
  • Check credit card available balance
  • Flash payment (popularly called flash funds)
  • Run ACH
  • Run MT103
  • Run Swift
  • Change USD to BTC
  • Flash Bitcoin
  • Wallet
  • Offshore account
  • Customer Support
  • And many more

Offrakle Video [Withdrawal From Credit Card Without Authorization]

Have a look at below video screen record ⏺️ of offrakle withdrawal from credit card video to see how it looks like:

What Is Offrakle?

Click Here to learn more about Offrakle cloud program, if you want to get offrakle click here to create account on offrakle and if you already have an account on offrakle and you want to login to offrakle then click here to log into offrakle.

Note that Offrakle requires no VPN and requires nothing else before you can use it. Just create your account, login with your username or email and password then you are good to go!

In event you encounter any challenge or difficulty do not hesitate to reach out to us either through our WhatsApp help channel.

Was “How to get offrakle App” article helpful? If it is helpful kindly drop a Comment Here and if you recently used Offrakle kindly also drop a Comment Here thanks 😊

How to withdraw money from credit card without OTP in India

How to hack credit card in India by using Offrakle

How to hack credit card in India by using Offrakle to withdraw money from credit card without OTP verification or pin, Offrakle – Best credit card hacking software, Flash Funds.

What is offrakle? Offrakle is a cloud program you can use to do credit card transactions without authorization (carding), you can use it to withdraw money from credit card without OTP.

You can as well use the following features:

  • MT103
  • Flash funds
  • Redeem gift cards
  • Flash Bitcoin
  • Bank Logs
  • ACH
  • Offshore Bank Account for inflows
  • Built-in Wallet

This is uniquely different entirely, it is easy to use what you have to do is to follow the recommendations which are

  1. Read the terms
  2. Sign up by creating account
  3. Pay for your preferred license
  4. Sign into your account
  5. Start transactions

as I have listed above five top recommendations I will also advise you to read the terms before you start transactions or anything.

Click To Watch Offrakle Video of Carding Transaction

How Can I Create Offrakle Account?


How to hack credit card in India by using Offrakle

Asking of how you can create account on offrakle is a pretty good question, creating account on this program is not a problem because you must pay for your license in order for your account to be activated by the support team, also.

Creating account on the program is not an issue but the big question is, can you keep up to the terms? If no then don’t bother creating account but if you can then this program is for you.

Do I Need VPN for Offrakle?

The answer to your question regarding VPN is no, VPN is not required for you to use the program because there’s built-in security to protect you and your transactions on the program at all times.

Does Offrakle Come With Any Hidden  Charge?

The program doesn’t have any hidden charge, it’s a login and work program, (no app or software)

Does Offrakle Have iPhone Version?

The program is Online, you can use it on any device, it’s a cloud program therefore it does not have app, software or anything.

Do I Pay For License Differently After Buying Offrakle?

The License does not have separate charge, you pay after creating account and then you contact our support team they will issue you license. No additional payment for license!

Is It With Offrakle License I Will Need To Login?

No, you use the details you used to create account to login not license, the license is for the purpose of in an event you need help the support team will ask you for your license to confirm if you’re existing customers.

Can I Just Buy Offrakle License?

The license is never sold, it’s free and it’s issued when you pay for the account just after creating the account, the license is not for sale. It’s a unique identifier for all customers.

How Can I Create Offrakle Account?

If you want to create offrakle account then go here:-

After creating your own account next thing to do is to go here:- use your account email during payment to help the payment department to identify you’re the person that paid,

After payment you will wait for 30 minutes for your payment to be confirmed on the Blockchain network and your license will be mailed to you,

NOTE: license is not used to login, only your login details and after 30 minutes of payment you should login. If you try logging into your account and you’re unable to access your account then contact our support team for help.

Now you can Withdraw Money from credit card Without OTP

Glad you have learnt How to hack credit card in India by using Offrakle, For more further help or inquiries contact our support team, if this article is helpful kindly share.

How to set up Offrakle

how to hack credit card

Learn how to hack credit card anywhere in the world successfully without going through any risk, learn how to securely withdraw money from credit card in India without OTP,

Alot of Indian dream of becoming a millionaire overnight but have been unable to actualize this dream fortunately here’s an opportunity every Indian has been longing for.

If you want to know how to hack credit card in india successfully without security checks or want to learn how to hack credit card in India then this is a green light to learning by just reading this article and getting to know how it works and what you need to get this done,

how to hack credit card

2018 i visited India and i met with great minds, highly skilled mates and after our analysis we found out that the security of Indian banks are not as strong as you think, in India the financial crime rate keeps going higher every year.

Credit card and debit card scams are common on every other country but the question is, are you among? Are you onboard the moving train? That’s it why this article with the topic “How to hack credit card in india” is for you and don’t forget to share with other after equipping yourself to be great.

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When you get hold of credit card there are informations on it either both sides or one side alone and the details includes:-

  • CVV: The CVV Number (“Card Verification Value”) on your credit card or debit card is a 3 digit number on VISA®, MasterCard® and Discover® branded credit and debit cards. On your American Express® branded credit or debit card it is a 4 digit numeric code.
  • CARD NUMBER: A payment card number, primary account number (PAN), or simply a card number, is the card identifier found on payment cards, such as credit cards and debit cards, as well as stored-value cards, gift cards and other similar cards. In some situations the card number is referred to as a bank card number.
  • CARD EXPIRY DATE: The expiration date can be found on the card, written as XX/XX (month and year). Generally, a card can be used through the last day of the month in which it expires. For example, a card with an expiration date of 12/20 is good through December 31, 2020.

when you have these details next thing you should do is to get Offrakle, before you can get Offrakle you must first get the license – you can learn how to get the Offrakle account here

When you have the Offrakle license next you should do is to head to the Offrakle account creation portal, you will need to fill out the information.

After the creating account next you should do is to sign in with your credentials on the program and get started.

Note it down that you can also flash funds with Offrakle and can also convert and stolen funds to crypto and sell at your leisure.

As per frequently asked questions, on offrakle you will have full control of whatever you’re doing but it is very expensive.

I hope this article how to hack credit card is helpful? Please do not forget to share this article to also help others learn what you have learn so far.

How to withdraw from someone account with BVN

How to hack bank account with BVN in Nigeria

Wanting to learn How to hack bank account with BVN in Nigeria? Then you need Offrakle to get started! Yes! Create Offrakle Account!

Offrakle Account is what I earlier Discussed that you can use to not just hack credit card or debit card also  about a Legit bank Hacking Software For Doing Fake bank Alert in Nigeria but in this post, we shall be talking about another popular bank account and credit/debit card method, For doing online transactions without OTP verification.

Check out below. This Post is to make you understand how easy Offrakle can be and many other things especially on how to bypass bank otp verification in Nigeria and how to send fake bank alert locally and internationally, At the end of the day you should understand how to transfer money without OTP verification in Nigeria,

India or any country in the world, Just keep rocking but always pay attention and take your safety serious because making money illegally is not issue but to be safe after cashing out. Before now many of our clients have been working online and doing my things secretly and we don’t advertise either but in one way or the other through our popular software:-

Let’s skip this part. At the end of this Post, I will explain:

  • The Meaning of Bank OTP Verification
  • I will Tell You How possible it’s to Bypass Bank Otp verification
  • I will Share one Powerful Tool To Bypass OTP verification in Nigeria
  • And How to Remain Anonymous During this Transfer

What is Bank OTP Verification

OTP means – One Time Password: This One time password is usually sent By Any Nigeria Bank when Transfers are been initiated online through any money transfer platform such as Flutterwave , Quickteller, Paystack and every other online places that supports Card payments in Nigeria.

How to hack bank account with BVN in Nigeria

At the Stage of the OTP, The code will be sent to the mobile number or email attached with the bank account. They assume you are the bank owner so you should have access to these details. If you can get and input the password correctly,

your transfer will be successfully otherwise there’s no way forward. They do this for security reasons at least to reduce illegal funds transfer through banks. You will understand that if you’ve been doing online transactions before now. There’s No online Store in Nigeria to do transaction without OTP. I am accurate about this, there are many international online stores where you can use Cards without OTP verification. (Those who do Carding will understand this). But this can’t work on Local e-commerce in Nigeria.

Be sure you are reading How to hack bank account with BVN in Nigeria carefully to avoid unnecessary question.

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Is It Possible To Transfer Money Without Otp In Nigeria

Like i always tell people, This Era is a Period of possibilities. A period where almost everything is possible. Have you ever woke up to see debit alerts you never made? If yes, it simply means Hackers Are At Work and you should know that the tech world is growing bigger than you can imagine. If you have not, I pray it won’t happen to you (But don’t doubt the possibilities of things).

To answer the question: Yes it’s absolutely possible to do online bank transfer in Nigeria without OTP verification. Very possible and easy with certain bank hacking tools. As a Hacker, You don’t think like the average persons, You should always think beyond the impossibility.

You get your thinking cap on and find solutions to things that people deemed impossible. With this, You can will be a rich anonymous individual (that’s how Hacking pays) Most of the Anonymous Hacking Tools online are developed and designed to properly fit user-friendly use,

we are specialized in Breaking Bank Codes and passing through bank windows doing the normal things anonymously. You can sign up for our Hacking Software Developing Master Class for Just $350. It’s two weeks only and it’s 100% online hacking course which is only based on development of bank hacking related tools. You can Pay Half and at the end of Six Months, You Pay the Rest while You complete the course. Let’s keep that aside for now.

If you interested just use below whatsapp and reach out to us.

Back to Business! We use Decryption technologies against certain international websites where one can do transactions without OTP to build Offrakle – The Best Hacking tool specifically made for online transfer without OTP verification in Nigeria, India and many more countries in the world for doing Fake alert.

What’s Offrakle And How does it Work

Offrakle is a Hacking cloud based program developed to solve the issue of Transferring Funds from stolen or hacked credit cards, hacked debit cards without having security issues such as multi layer of signatures or common OTP verification issues With Offrakle Apk app specially designed for Android users, anyone can make bank transfers without OTP. Let me break down the two functions of this tool.

  • Offrakle for Transfer You only have to do your normal Bank Transaction. By entering your card number, Card cvv, card expiration date. Offrakle does not ask for ATM (credit card or debit card) pin nor OTP.
  • Offrakle for Shopping: This Tool Have its own built-in mobile Browser which makes it possible to shop on any online store in Nigeria without OTP. Provided you entered the product link using browser, this is the tool alot of hackers/carders make use of and it is perfect when it comes to shopping online without OTP. Stop searching for online stores that don’t request OTP  because there’s non in Nigeria. But with the help of Offrakle your purchase is easy except for one disadvantage stated below.

Bank Hacking Software: Offrakle Does not Work on Jumia and OLX

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We have tested and Confirmed it working on almost every Nigeria online store except OLX and Jumia. Each time you try use Offrakle on any of these websites, You will still get request to enter your OTP. It don’t work but we are still working to add these stores  and make the tool work on them. The app will surely be upgraded as soon as our devs are through with some backend maintenance and upgrades.

How To Stay Anonymous When Using Offrakle

Offrakle is not completely safe when it comes to doing bank transfer as the transaction details will still be present on the account statement of the victim and with this, You can be tracked down by any security agent. Let me Show You how to Use Offrakle safely without Getting fished out.

Our clients use the two functions of this app. For making online shopping and also for doing transfers, For the online shopping, the tool have four fixed dedicated IP’s where you can easily turn your location.

For Fraudulent bank Transfers in Nigeria, Here’s how to go about it. 

  • Get an offshore bank account
  • Set up your offshore bank account
  • Login and take the details and intermediary bank details

Use Offrakle to move all Funds to your offshore bank account. Then from the offshore account withdraw them all to any bank account of your choice is completely safe,

With this method you’re anonymous without any traces but if you think You can stay safe pulling out directly to your personal account you are free but whatever happens to you will be upon you alone as we will not be available to bear or take any responsibility.

Offrakle Cost is not stable so i suggest you create your account now and pay immediately – Transfer Money without OTP in Nigeria


The software? Is cloud based and you have control to everything – CONTACT US! We have unlimited usage package available just ask us.

Note: You cannot Share the your account but you can switch it from one device to another. If You create Offrakle Account you will be able to login and work anytime you want.

When you create the account. If you want to switch from one device to another you will have to contact us,

Hope you got it? The Offrakle can make you good amounts in a short while if rightly used. Just be careful and safety first always.

Remember there’s nothing more important than staying anonymous when it comes to running such programs.

Bank Hacking Software : Offrakle Account Unlimited plan With Transaction Limits

With Offrakle default plan you cannot Transfer  above $10,000,000USD daily. The Transaction limit will reset every 24hours. That means if you exceed the maximum of $10,000,000USD today before you can send again you will have to wait untill another 24hours . even if is on the same or different Credit/debit Cards, it is very limited mostly for beginners, Contact us to have your account upgraded to unlimited use.

Offrakle – Universal Bank Hacking Software

Studies Has Shown That Hackers Steal Up To $1B from More than 100 different Banks. More than 15% of these Hackers use Offrakle Bank Hacking cloud program while others uses manual methods which seem to be high risk and time consuming.

Surely you understand now How to hack bank account with BVN in Nigeria? Don’t go yet kindly resc

To Learn more about Offrakle Today make sure to Contact Us! Offrakle is available on PC and Mobile phones, software Designed Purposely for Four different Functions:

  • Stay Anonymous
  • Steal Credit Card Details
  • Withdraw From Stolen Credit Cards
  • Send Fake Bank Credit Alerts
  • Flash Funds
  • Flash Bitcoin


Our System Allow Anyone to remain anonymous while doing the illegal activities with Offrakle, Your Identity will be totally masked. Offrakle gives You 300 different static IP addresses to remain anonymous. which means before you log into your work station you only need to select and activate any of these dedicated IP’s and you are good to go.


There are many Ways to Steal Credit/debit card details, But Offrakle is an advanced and Globally used Bank Hacking software which makes it all easy to get Credit/debit card details of any bank account provided you have the bank name, Account holder name, and Account number. With these few Details, our software Wraois the Account Database and Display the Credit card number, Card CVV, expiry date and Card pin  and This Software will only work when the account owner have Credit or debit card linked with their account otherwise there’s no success Hacking into their accounts. However, (the success rate is high because many account holders have cards connected with their banks from our observations and researches)


After Getting the card details, the most important thing is getting your Balance in cash without Trace. Offrakle is built for anonymous transactions where you will use these card details to Buy Bitcoins or perfect Money and get credited to your wallet instantly without any further identity verification. Beside that, You can use Offrakle Browser to access any online store irrespective of your country and make purchases successfully without OTP verification. The Risky Cash withdrawal method: You can Use Offrakle to send and Transfer money from one bank to another without OTP. All you need is the card details of the victim/client which you can easily get through the use of Offrakle software. (We can teach you the risks involved in this and how to pass them as Exclusively for Offrakle users).


Offrakle works like HackCanyon, Offrakle enables you send Fake Bank alert from any country irrespective of your location. Card Offrakle Consists of Over 800 Banks from different countries with more than 1,000 Credit Bank Alert Templates/Formats which you can easily choose from and process your transfer. The Offrakle Fake Alert Goes instantly to Clients Devices and update their bank account balance depending on how much you sent. But the fake balance will be cleared after 28days unlike flash funds which last 24hrs. (all Offrakle Users will learn how to Cash out through fake alerts without trace).

Offrakle Pricing

Offrakle is not one Time Payment software. You pay on every Six Month basis for the renewal. Cost for software license key is not stable but varies from $100 so we advise you contact us.

In our Next Version of Offrakle, We are looking forward to adding more Features in regards to bank Hacking and anonymous surfing. All Offrakle users will be updated as usual.

You can Contact Our customer Support for any inquiries and we will be happy to help.

Conclusions: so far, You have gotten the Last longing solution on How to Transfer money in Nigeria without OTP verification, Best software to do Fake alert locally and internationally. If You ask me, I will say Offrakle is best for local And redeeming of gift cards.

Benefit of Offrakle is that it helps you check card balance that’s why it is unique,

You can’t hit the weak rich hard unless you are prepared and you can’t be prepared without getting yourself mentally and physically ready.

Get your hacking tools ready Now and start hitting the rich hard. GOODLUCK, Please share and put the guide on offrakle to practice to enjoy the program  

CHECK: How to create Offrakle Account

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How to withdraw from someone account with BVN

Here we are talking about How to withdraw from someone account with BVN, how to withdraw money from Nigeria account without authentication.

Before we proceed i know alot of people especially those that are not nationals of Nigerian state must be confused what BVN is all about.



BVN means (bank verification number), the Bank Verification Number commonly called BVN is a biometric identification system implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria to curb or reduce illegal banking transactions in Nigeria. It is a modern security measure in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria Act 1958 to reduce fraud in the banking system,

How to withdraw from someone account with BVN


it is very simple to do that but first of all, have you thought of the securities behind BVN and how to break that barrier? getting BVN is one of the most difficult thing to do because you must have access to the account holder’s phone or sim card but here is another simplified way which makes it easy for you without any complications.

ALSO CHECK THIS: How To Hack Credit Card Without Verifications With Offrakle


to get someone’s BVN you must have access to their phone and by having access to their phone you can use a code (*565*0#) and the BVN will appear on the screen,

Now this is a risky and unprofessional way of getting someone’s BVN in Nigeria, there’s a professional way to get BVN which you do not need to even know the person or even get close to the victim before you can get the BVN of the person,

What you need to get BVN easily is Offrakle

to get BVN using offrakle is a very easy thing to do, what you have to do is to first recognize the number of the account holder which he or she uses to receive bank account alert with, write down the number, now get into offrakle account if you do not have an account create one,

You can create offrakle account by visiting and create account, after creating account then goto, after making payment then wait for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes of wait you should visit same link ( and login. When you have logged into your offrakle account next to do is to go to the dashboard and click the menu tab, you will see “GET BVN” hit the button and you will be redirected to follow the prompt, fill out the details and you will get the BVN.

When you have gotten the BVN what is next?

Next is to use the BVN and wreck the account holder by taking off his/her savings or whatever funds who cares? 🤷

Now got to the dashboard and you will see “BAW” click it and input the BVN and follow the prompt you will have full access and it will enable you to withdraw any amount you want from the available balance of the account of the BVN, that’s how to withdraw from someone account with BVN.

This Offrakle let’s you do the BVN transaction without hassles and there’s no additional charge on Offrakle, remember to wait for BVN decryption progress to finish when you initiate the process. Remember to share this article to help others learn how to withdraw money from someone account with BVN.

How to set up Offrakle

How to set up Offrakle

You will learn how to set up Offrakle account and begin to use it. Offrakle let’s you withdraw from Debit/Credit Cards without OTP.

Offrakle can as well do more such as the following:-

  • MT103
  • Flash funds
  • Redeem gift cards
  • Flash Bitcoin
  • Bank Logs
  • ACH
  • Offshore Bank Account for inflows
  • Built-in Wallet

This is uniquely different entirely from the likes of cardro and hackcanyon, offrakle is easy to use what you have to do is to follow the recommendations which are

Before you should know how to set up Offrakle it’s advised you get it first and if you do no have it then >>THIS ARTICLE<< can help you learn how to get Offrakle account and license.

After learning how to get Offrakle next is to learn the terms of Offrakle, remember the license is automatically issued and allocated to your profile immediately you have successfully created your offrakle account but⤵️

After creating your own account next thing to do is to go here:- use your account email during payment to help the payment department to identify you’re the person that paid,

NOTE: license is not used to login, only your login details and after 30 minutes of payment you should login. If you try logging into your account and you’re unable to access your account then contact our support team for help.

Now back to how to set up Offrakle account, when you have created your account and paid for it you will have to wait for atleast 30 minutes or quickly contact the support team after you have paid for them to approve your account application,

When your account has been approved by the support department next you should do is to login your account through:- and hit the login button, fill out your login details and get in.

When you sign in next you should do is to ensure you are not on VPN otherwise it will complicate things because the offrakle has it’s own independent VPN therefore using dual VPN is impossible and you will be automatically vulnerable to risks. Don’t use VPN! Offrakle has built-in VPN!

Remember!: Offrakle license is free and never paid for, you only pay after creating your account and make sure you used your account email which you used to create your account during/when making your payment.

Ensure to share this article to help others learn  how to set up Offrakle without any complications.

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