How to move Money from Nigerian account to Crypto

Looking for how to move money from Nigerian account to Crypto? move someone’s money without trace. (FULL HACKING GUIDE)

On how to move funds from Nigerian account to Crypto without any trace is very easy and you sure know that any money laundered into crypto currency is untraceable that is why almost every government in the world is fighting war against crypto currency because cryptocurrency can not be regulated while some wise country’s that have brilliant parliament implements “crypto license” by such way they tax crypto firms only,

If you want to move money from nigerian bank account to your crypto currency wallet it’s easy, all you need to do is to take the following steps to achieve this feat.

There are two different methods and steps to take if you want to move someone’s money without trace or you want to transfer someone’s money in Nigeria without trace, below are the methods.

  1. Contractual transaction with offrakle
  2. Do it yourself transaction on offrakle

One of the steps of how to transfer someone’s money in Nigeria without trace is the following:

  • Get access to the bank account
  • Contact us when you have full access to the bank account
  • We provide you an anonymous bank account which can’t be traced (this bank account will cease to exist hours after the transaction (you can also acquire such accounts from us to use it and carryout any illegal transaction globally check more information on ghost accounts here) and don’t worry about yourself because they won’t have anything on you and you will be safe)
  • After you send the payment you will provide us with your USDT “TRC20 network address” where we will push your own share of the payment

Note that we take 40% commission for this transaction and it’s none negotiable.

Second step on how to transfer someone’s money in Nigeria without trace

How to move Money from Nigerian account to Crypto

How to move Money from Nigerian account to Crypto

Now the second step/method is to get offrakle license by creating your account on offrakle, after you have created your account on offrakle and have gotten your license what you need to do is get the the following of your target’s details ready:

  • Credit/Debit Card Number
  • Credit/Debit Card CVV
  • Credit/Debit Card Date of Expiration
  • Credit/Debit Card Billing Address (this is optional depending on card and you can request for our guide or help to bypass this for free)

When you have the above details ready next is to use offrakle, on offrakle you will see “Carding” feature, use the carding feature and input the card details as listed above then enter your preferred amount you want to pull out.

Watch the following video of Credit/Debit Card Hacking Transaction (Carding) on Offrakle

After entering Credit/Debit Card informations and amount you want to withdraw, hit the proceed button to process the card. The amount will be successfully pulled out of the account through the Credit/Debit Card

Where does the money pulled out of the bank account through carding go to?

Money or funds pulled out of the victim’s Bank account goes to offrakle cash wallet, from the cash wallet you can convert it to cryptocurrency depending on the license your account is tied to. from the crypto wallet you can withdraw to any exchange of your choice and sell it for cash then the cash will go to your personal bank account or business account whichever is your choice.

That’s all on How to move Money from Nigerian account to Crypto, on next update we will be talking about how to make money with loans in Russia, Nigeria, India and Ghana without stress.