How to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria ?? Online

Learn how to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria Online instantly ⚡️, best platform?️to trade Bitcoin in Nigeria ??, convert Bitcoin to Naira ?

How to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria Online

Alot of people in Nigeria ?? wether visitors or Nigerians will love to convert their bitcoins to naira in Nigeria without any risks that’s why we made up this article to guide those interested or concerned.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria Online

If you want to convert Bitcoin to naira, USDT to naira and other cryptocurrencies then you need to use

What is inflowchange used for?

Inflowchange is a cryptocurrency exchange, a crpyto to cash exchange that let’s you convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currency such as

  • USD
  • UAH
  • EURO
  • GBP

Inflowchange is an irregular crypto exchange that offers it’s users dual wallets

  1. Cash wallet
  2. Crypto wallet

What does inflowchange cash wallet do?

inflowchange cash wallet let’s you receive cash from other inflowchange users, send and request additionally, withdraw cash to your local bank account within minutes.

What does inflowchange crypto wallet do?

inflowchange crypto wallet saves you from crypto volatility, you can deposit over hundred and fifty (150) cryptocurrencies which will be converted automatically to USDT stable coin so as to save you from loosing money on crypto volatility.

Example, when you deposit Bitcoin to your inflowchange crypto wallet it will instantly convert to USDT stable coin without any conversion fees/charges therefore whenever bitcoin price goes down your portfolio is not affected because it’s stable asset.

From the crypto wallet you will convert your crypto to cash whenever you want cash or you may decide to save it there.

NOTICE: inflows crypto wallet is not a regular wallet you can deposit and send crypto out to other exchange therefore any deposit you make to it can only be converted to cash and withdraw to your bank because it’s purpose is for the exchange it crypto to cash.

When was inflowchange founded?

Inflowchange was founded in September 2021 by Theoder Innocent Okechukwu, a Nigerian entrepreneur who is also the founder and CEO of Paychatik Wallet.

Where is Inflowchange located?

Inflowchange was incorporated in Kyiv Ukraine 2021 and later relocated it’s headquarters to Abuja Nigeria due to the war outbreak in Ukraine.

Is inflowchange legal?

Inflowchange is a registered entity therefore it is operating legally with it’s certificate of incorporation issued by CAC Nigeria.

How can I sell Bitcoin on inflowchange?

To sell Bitcoin in Nigeria using Inflowchange you should take the following steps:

  1. create account or login at
  2. tap “wallet” and tap the crypto section
  3. click on “deposit” and choose the crypto you want to sell
  4. now copy the address or scan the code and send the amount of crypto you want to sell
  5. when sent, your wallet will be credited and after that next is step six (6)
  6. click on “convert” and convert the crypto to cash then go to withdraw and withdraw it to your default or preferred withdrawal method
  7. make sure you have set up your withdrawal method and that’s all, it’s easy innit? download the inflowchange app or visit the website and get started

You can download the inflowchange app here, That’s all for today on how to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria ?? Online, if you have any question or have anything to say the comment section is all yours ?

Buy bitcoin using USA itunes gift card

This is how you can buy Buy bitcoin using USA iTunes gift card in simple method, Buy Bitcoin using naira, Buy Bitcoin with bank transfer. alot of Nigerians are going through alot before they can buy crypto currency and majority of them always end up in the wrong exchange platform or bitcoin dealers.

Buy Bitcoin With USA iTunes Gift Card

you never knew you can buy bitcoin using USA itunes gift card? Yes you can now! What you have to do is to head to


If you want to buy bitcoin and pay with USA itunes gift card you will tell them, they will ask you how many dollars and they will calculate and tell you to send the gift card, after you send it you will give them address where to send the coins to and they will deliver it.

Have you been looking for a way to buy Bitcoin or other crypto currencies using naira payment? On this very article you will be able to learn how to buy Bitcoin using naira payment,


The first step is to open your browser and type and the website will open up in your browser,


what you should do now is to sign up, enter correct informations of yourself and sign up, after you sign up you should login to see the BUY and SELL buttons you will have to decide if you’re selling your crypto currency or you want to buy Bitcoin and pay with Nigerian bank transfer.


after clicking either button you will have options to submit your transaction and upload payment receipt but do you know that you can buy or sell crypto currency without signing up? Yes you can!

on you should be able to see a chat button or icon just like i marked on below screenshot,

How to buy Bitcoin using naira payment

Click or tap on the icon and chat with any available agent and tell them what you want they will attend to you, this method is very easy and simple.

If you want to buy bitcoin and pay with bank transfer you will tell them, they will ask you how many dollars and they will calculate and give you account details to pay to, after your payment let them know you have paid and also don’t forget to provide them your payment receipt or screenshot,

They will quickly confirm your payment and ask you for your Bitcoin address, they will deliver the bitcoin to your address.

If you want to sell your bitcoin, tap or click on the icon and tell them you want to sell your bitcoin or other crypto currencies, they will give you address to send the coin to. After you send the coin,

You will have to let them know you have sent it and they will confirm and ask your for your bank account that you want to receive your payment and will pay to it.

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