2 tricks to hack payment platforms and make money

Here are 2 tricks to hack payment platforms and make money without programming knowledge, no hacking software or app is needed.

Alot of Fintechs just launch without properly testing or exploring the system, meanwhile alot of developers don’t know this trick that you will use to exploit the newly or already existing platform to make money without any sweat or any form of investment.

You don’t need any software or any app to do this, the only thing you need is to pay attention now to this article, learn this trick and exercise it on your potential victim platforms, let’s jump on this now. When you see a platform the three (3) steps you take are

  1. create account on it
  2. Login
  3. Explore the platform

now after you have created account on the platform and logged in, the explore part is where you will learn if you can use the platform to make money or not so let’s get start this way.

2 tricks to hack payment platforms and make money

Let’s take for example you have logged in on a platform, in order to exercise this trick you must find a platform that has withdrawal feature on it or send money (payment) feature.

If the platform has the above mentioned features next to do is to check what displays on your keyboard when you try to input amount, if you see “minus character” (-) then it’s cool, next thing to do is to type in the minus followed by the amount of money you want to enter as your withdrawal or sending amount, take a look at the following examples:

  • Sending amount -50,000
  • Withdrawal amount -50,000

after you have entered the amount this way with the minus ➖ before the amount next is to Proceed, if there is loop hole in the value which the developer did not really work on then your withdrawal will go through even when you don’t have any money in your wallet or account.

This loophole is majorly left behind by inexperienced developers or junior developers and if you succeed on this you will get paid without the company or platform admins realizing it, even if they realize it, that will be too late and in some event some platforms will pay you to explain how you managed to pull such trick off.

What if there is no minus on the keyboard?

If there is no minus on the keyboard then exit the app or website, open new web page and type -50,000 then copy it, get back on the platform and paste it. When you paste it next action is to proceed

Do I need any VPN to do this?

no you don’t need any VPN, what for? you don’t need it because your information is already there

How can I anonymously do this without leaving my information behind?

To anonymously do this without leaving information behind then you will have to get yourself a ghost bank account, VPN and then create account on the platform using the exact ghost account name then link the account to the platform so that when you request for withdrawal your withdrawal get to the ghost account then you use it to buy Bitcoin and clear off all the possibilities of trace

What is Ghost Bank Account?

ghost bank account is account details that belongs to deceased people or accounts that can’t be traced which was created using identity of none existing person’s but this process goes through alot of different stages which all stages you will have to work your way out otherwise you have alot of institutions to compromise their servers,

How can I get Ghost Bank Account?

If you need ghost bank account commonly called aza in Nigeria and other African countries, if you need aza or asking how can I own aza, how can I get aza then you will need to contact us. We provide ghost accounts of different countries and different types of accounts.

How can I own aza in Nigeria?, how can I own aza in Ghana?

contact us if you want to own anonymous bank account for your illegitimate transactions.

Where can I use the money to buy Bitcoin? How can I buy crypto with it?

you should use any crypto exchanges that accepts bank transfers such as buycrypto.ng to buy crypto, they send the crypto to you and you use it as you like or sell whenever you please.

Other platforms to sell the crypto on are

  • Inflowchange.com
  • Breet.app
  • Binance.com
  • Kucoin.com
  • Localbitcoins.com

Alternative ways to move your money without traces

  1. The first alternative way to move your money without traces is to withdraw it cash at the automated teller machine (ATM) and then walk into your own person bank and make cash deposit by this way there is no trace of where the money came from and got into your bank account.
  2. Use the Point Of Sales (POS) machine, 90% of transactions carried out on point of sales mostly are deemed as authorized by account owner, in this cash you can use it to either withdraw the money or use the money to purchase a goods that you can resell after and get your money cash  without hassles.
  3. Use cash P2P to buy hard currency and clear of the traces, no stress ?

Now what’s next? Next thing to do that’s left for you is to hunt for platforms that have this loophole and start cashing out, important things to note before you begin are:

  • Don’t be greedy: if you get greedy and try big amount of money they will likely try to verify it and will reject your withdrawal by so doing you have blown your cover
  • Don’t make it suspicious: don’t submit multiple withdrawal requests in other not to draw attention to yourself and for the admins to start cross checking or investigating your profile/account
  • Don’t raise customer support attention to yourself if your withdrawal request is delayed or took longer time to be processed, you must have patience, it’s not your money so why in a hurry? ? Calm down and wait for them. They might end up confused to the limit they will just pay you even if they find it suspicious on their own stand on your ground that you sent payment, accuse them of having buggy system.

That’s all for today, don’t forget to share this update and we will see you on the next article ?