Looking for how to get ghost account? bank account you will use got anonymous transaction without any trace? We have two different categories of the Ghost accounts and below are the pricing for the ghost accounts we have available.

1. Personal Account comes in two different types and below are the types:

  1. Current account
  2. Savings account

2. Company/Business Account some of it comes with limitations or restrictions depending on the jurisdiction you’re interested in.

What’s the difference between company, business and personal accounts?

Company Account

A corporate account is a bank account one can open in the name of a business. It is used to facilitate transactions, receive income, and store funds. Every small business that is required to pay tax should have a corporate bank account for business banking and its numerous benefits.

Business Account

A business bank account is a bank account that’s used only for business transactions rather than personal finances. It can be opened in the name of the business, allowing payments to be made and received using the business’s name. Business bank accounts operate in a similar manner to personal bank accounts.

Personal Account

A personal account is a bank account for use by an individual for that person’s own needs.

How can i get ghost account?

ghost account known or referred as anonymous bank account is always available and easy to acquire through our team, if you want to get ghost account below are the steps you need to take

– Plan your jurisdiction of interest: what this mean is that you should decide which country you want to get ghost account

– Decide which category of ghost account you need, if it is personal account, business or company account.

– Check the ghost account pricing below and reach out to our team through the contact button on our website here

– When you contact our team just say “i need ghost account in personal category “if you want personal account” if you don’t want personal account then say “company or business category” and you will be put through the acquisition process.

When you get the ghost there are important things you must take into consideration, we charge an annual fees for your account maintenance which ranges from $800 to $1,500, you can decide to pay a “One Off Maintenance Payment” to avoid service interruption or over charge in the future subsequent to inflation or resource exhaustion. Find below the anonymous bank account pricing.

How To Get Ghost Account

Ghost Accounts Pricing

  • Personal Account – $1,750
  • Company/Business Account – $4,570

Kindly contact us if you are interested in any of the ghost accounts.