Cheapest way to browse in Nigeria

The cheapest way to browse in Nigeria is very easy if you can do it and you will have freedom of internet onwards. To buy Ukrainian sim card, Moldova or even Bulgarian sim card then use it to browse because it is more cheap and reliable,

Why you should use a non-Nigerian sim card to browse in Nigeria

If you buy 10GB or 40GB data in Nigeria it will never last therefore you will keep wasting money on data that you never really use, Nigeria if not the most corrupt country in the world but among top (3) three, buying data in Nigeria is horror and we advise you not to browse with a Nigerian sim card especially those that live outside Nigeria planning on going to Nigeria for short visit even if it is for relocation.

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Sim card in Ukraine is almost free and getting unlimited internet is around 200 uah to 300 uah, calculate it in your local naira currency and you will understand more,

Does the Ukraine unlimited internet last for the whole full month?

Yes, the unlimited monthly internet means you will browse until it is one full month, give it a shot today and goodluck!