How to do Artist verification on Instagram

here is How to do Artist verification on Instagram, as an artist, getting verified on Instagram comes down to two main factors. Notability and authenticity.

Learn How to do Artist verification on Instagram

For musicians who want to promote their music on social media and strengthen their online credibility, Instagram verification is an invaluable way of doing so. After all, what better way to maximizes self-promotion and fan engagement, than with the globally recognised symbol of legitimacy – the little (maybe not so little) blue tick.

So here’s a step-by-step guide to getting verified on Instagram as a musician.

How do artists get verified on Instagram?

How to do Artist verification on Instagram

“How to do Artist verification on Instagram”

1. From the mobile app, sign in to the Instagram account you want to verify. Instagram only lets you verify ONE account. So if you have multiple, make sure you’re signed into the account that’s most representative of you as a musician.

2. Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner. From here select the “Settings” option from the drop-down menu.

How to get verified on Instagram for musicians Step 1

3. Tap “Account” and you’ll be able to select “Request Verification”

How to get verified on Instagram for musicians Step 2

4. Next, Instagram will request some information from you to prove your identity. This will consist of: your Instagram username, your full name and a form of ID.

5. You’ll also need to provide some context and evidence to prove why you deserve to be verified. This includes info about your audience as well as links to any news stories or online features you’ve been covered in.

6. Hit the “Submit” button.

And voila! Just like that, your verification request has been sent. So what happens next?

Instagram will review your application and let you know if it’s been accepted or not. There’s no specific time-frame for getting a response, but either way, they’ll notify you of the verdict via an in-app notification.

Not made the cut this time? Don’t lose hope! You can re-apply every 30 days. And in the meantime, use that time to make sure you’re meeting all of the eligibility requirements for a verified account.

What does Instagram say about getting verified?

How to do Artist verification on Instagram

According to Instagram’s official statement, accounts must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to be verified

1. Be Authentic

For musicians that means, an account that’s representative of you as a ‘legit’ and credible artist i.e. the real Slim Shady.

2. Be Unique

Your account should also be a unique reflection of you as a single individual musician (essentially filtering out people trying to verify multiple accounts of the same person).

3. Be Complete

Make sure your account is:

– Public

– Contains a bio

– Features a profile picture

– Has a minimum of one post

4. Be Notable

Ideally, your account needs to be of notable and search-worthy quality. This is because Instagram reviews accounts that feature in recent and multiple news features, and NOT through paid ads or paid promotions.

So although the request form is simple, the real challenge is fine-tuning your Instagram account to meet those all-important eligibility requirements.

How to improve your chances of being verified on Instagram

1. Build followers and engagement

Don’t get me wrong, Instagram verification isn’t down to no. of followers. But, it can definitely help! Especially in terms of growing your fan-base and getting that all important digital word of mouth.

But remember, followers mean a lot less if you aren’t engaging with them. So post regular and meaningful content that’ll speak to your followers and make them wanna speak back. The rule goes: Increased Engagement = Increased Followers.

2. Avoid cross-promoting your other social accounts

Linking other social media platforms on your Instagram account is a real ‘no-go’ for getting verified. In short, Instagram views this as ‘add-me’ spam, so it’s best to steer clear from this one, even if you’re verified on another social platform.

TOP TIP: If you have one, you can still link out to your artist website via your Instagram bio. Why? Both the guys at Instagram and your followers will equate this with increased authenticity!

3. Be BIG news

Now this one’s a biggie.

One of the main ways Instagram deems an account worthy of verification, is whether or not the person has seen recent mentions in online news, reviews or press features.

For you as an artist, this means trying to drum up as much online media coverage as possible to feature on your account. You might wanna consider sending out press releases or getting in contact with local news agencies to do this.

Plus, Instagram now also accepts links to press releases and news articles during the request-form stage. Yep, a self-promotion gold mine.

4. Avoid bad social media practices

Don’t buy followers. 
Just don’t do it, okay?

This will lead you to what Instagram deems an “unbalanced account” with low engagement levels. Yikes!

This also means no spam content or comments, and only posting content that meets Instagram’s community guidelines.

So there you have it – how to get verified on Instagram and maximize your chances of verification as a musician.

But remember to follow all instructions on this guide “How to do Artist verification on Instagram” and follow it all, Instagram verification is just one small facet of social media. Kindly share.

Spendable Flash Funds In Nigeria

Looking for Spendable Flash Funds In Nigeria that reflects on bank account available balance?, Nigerian Spendable flash funds app. this article is for you, learn how to get flash fund in Nigeria, Want to get flash funds apk, Flash funds software, flash funds exe or trying to download and install flash funds app? Here is how to. 100% working!

Before we proceed i will want you to know what flash funds actually is incase you don’t know about it or you mistakenly got on this page,

What Is Flash Funds? Flash Funds APK Nigeria

flash funds is a way or method of carrying out a flash payment to any designated bank account and the amount will reflect on bank account available balance which will disappear after a particular duration of time either you set or the support team set this duration for you.

How Do I Get Flash Funds App In Nigeria?

you don’t need that, what you need is to create Offrakle Account, on offrakle you can do the flash funds, there is not different or separate app or program for flash funding, First Create Offrakle account

When you have the account you will pay for it and then use your login credentials to log into your Offrakle.

Flash Funds APK

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We earlier Discussed also about a Legit bank Hacking Software For Doing Fake Alert in South Africa, Fake bank alert in South Africa and flash funds in India but in this post, we shall be talking about crypto currency hacking Software: Clipboard Malware For doing online transactions, Buying crypto without OTP verification or ID verification

Check out below. This Post is to make you understand how easy Offrakle is, many other things especially on how to bypass bank otp verification in Nigeria and how to send fake bank alert locally and internationally, At the end of the day you should understand how to transfer money without OTP verification in Nigeria,

Flash funds in India or any country in the world, Just keep rocking but always pay attention and take your safety serious because making money illegally is not issue but to be safe after cashing out. Before now many of our clients have been working online and doing my things secretly and we don’t advertise either but in one way or the other through our popular softwares such as:-

Let’s skip this part. At the end of this Post, I will explain:

  • The Meaning of Bank OTP Verification
  • I will Tell You How possible it’s to Bypass Bank Otp verification
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  • And How to Remain Anonymous During this Transfer

What is Bank OTP Verification

OTP means – One Time Password: This One time password is usually sent By Any Nigerian Bank when Transfers are been initiated online through any money transfer platform such as Flutterwave , Quickteller, Paystack and every other online places that supports Card payments in Nigeria. 

At the Stage of the OTP, The code will be sent to the mobile number or email attached with the bank account. They assume you are the bank owner so you should have access to these details. If you can get and input the password correctly,

Your transfer will be successfully otherwise there’s no way forward. They do this for security reasons at least to reduce illegal funds transfer through banks. You will understand that if you’ve been doing online transactions before now. There’s No online Store in Nigeria to do transaction without OTP. I am accurate about this, there are many international online stores where you can use Cards without OTP verification. (Those who do Carding will understand this). But this can’t work on Local e-commerce in Nigeria.

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Is It Possible To Transfer Money Without Otp In Nigeria

Like i always tell people, This Era is a Period of possibilities. A period where almost everything is possible. Have you ever woke up to see debit alerts you never made? If yes, it simply means Hackers Are At Work and you should know that the tech world is growing bigger than you can imagine. If you have not, I pray it won’t happen to you (But don’t doubt the possibilities of things).

To answer the question: Yes it’s absolutely possible to do online bank transfer in Nigeria without OTP verification. Very possible and easy with Offrakle.

We use Decryption technologies against certain international websites where one can do transactions without OTP for Offrakle – The Best Hacking software specifically made for online transfer without OTP verification in Nigeria, India, United Arab Emirates, Russia, South Africa, Australia and other more countries in the world for doing Fake alert And many more transactions to do, learn more on Offrakle here.

What’s Offrakle And How does it Work?

Flash Funds APK

Offrakle is a credit card/debit card hacking cloud based program developed to solve the issue of Transferring Funds from stolen or hacked credit cards, hacked debit cards without having security issues such as multi layer of signatures or common OTP verification issues With Offrakle, anyone can make bank transfers without OTP. Let me break down the two functions of this tool.

  • Offrakle for Transfer You only have to do your normal Bank Transaction. By entering your card number, Card CVV, card expiration date. Offrakle does not ask for ATM (credit card or debit card) pin nor OTP.
  • Offrakle for Shopping: This program Have it’s own built-in recommended e-commerce shops which makes it possible to shop on online store in Nigeria without OTP. Provided you entered the product link using browser, this is the tool alot of hackers/carders make use of and it is perfect when it comes to shopping online without OTP.

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How To Stay Anonymous When Using Offrakle

Offrakle is not completely safe when it comes to doing bank transfer as the transaction details will still be present on the account statement of the victim and with this, You can be tracked down by any government bodies. Let me Show You how to Use Offrakle safely without Getting fished out.

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Our customers use the two functions of this app. For making online shopping and also for doing transfers, For the online shopping, the tool have four fixed dedicated IP’s where you can easily turn your location.

For Fraudulent bank Transfers, Here’s how to go about it. 

  • Get an offshore bank account
  • Set up your offshore bank account
  • Login and take the details and intermediary bank details

Use Offrakle to move all Funds to your offshore bank account. Then from the offshore account withdraw them all to any bank account of your choice is completely safe,

With this method you’re anonymous without any traces but if you think You can stay safe pulling out directly to your personal account you are free but whatever happens to you will be upon you alone as we will not be available to bear or take any responsibility.

Offrakle Cost can be found on the payment page

Transfer Money without OTP in South Africa


The software? App Cost? Offrakle is not downloadable! is online! CONTACT US For clarification!

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Remember there’s nothing more important than staying anonymous when it comes to running such programs.

Bank Hacking Software : Offrakle Minimum Plan and Maximum Plan With Transaction Limits

Offrakle Does have different plans, Starter and professional, and the limit of Offrakle is $10,000 USD for beginners to unlimited on professional license, if you want to go professional you will have to contact us to upgrade your account as an existing user, if you’re new then you can just buy the license directly by yourself.

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How to withdraw money from credit card without OTP in India

How to perform Carding with Offrakle

Learn how to perform Carding with Offrakle, hack credit card, without money from someone’s account without authorization, bypass OTP.

Carding (Credit/Debit Card Hacking) With Offrakle Software

Offrakle is a cloud program, a carding flash funds software you can use to do credit card transactions without authorization (carding), Flash Funds and more.

You can as well use the following features:

  • MT103
  • Flash funds
  • Redeem gift cards
  • Flash Bitcoin
  • Bank Logs
  • ACH
  • Offshore Bank Account for inflows
  • Built-in Wallet

Before you proceed to reading more on offrakle, below is Offrakle screen recorded transaction video:

This is uniquely different entirely from other softwares, it is easy to use what you have to do is to follow the recommendations which are:-

  1. Read the terms
  2. Sign up by creating account
  3. Pay for your preferred license
  4. Sign into your account
  5. Start transactions

As I have listed above five top recommendations I will also advise you to read the terms before you start transactions or anything.

Watch Offrakle Video of Carding Transaction

How Can I Create Offrakle Account?

What is Offrakle

Asking of how you can create account on offrakle is a pretty good question, creating account on this program is not a problem because you must pay for your license in order for your account to be activated by the support team, also.

Creating account on the program is not an issue but the big question is, can you keep up to the terms? If no then don’t bother creating account but if you can then this program is for you.

Do I Need VPN for Offrakle?

The answer to your question regarding VPN is no, VPN is not required for you to use the program because there’s built-in security to protect you and your transactions on the program at all times.

Does Offrakle Come With Any Hidden  Charge?

The program doesn’t have any hidden charge, it’s a login and work program, (no app or software)

Does Offrakle Have iPhone Version?

The program is Online, you can use it on any device, it’s a cloud program therefore it does not have app, software or anything.

Do I Pay For License Differently After Payment?

The License does not have separate charge, you pay after creating account and then you contact our support team they will issue you license. No additional payment for license!

Is It With Offrakle License I Will Need To Login?

No, you use the details you used to create account to login not license, the license is for the purpose of in an event you need help the support team will ask you for your license to confirm if you’re existing customers.

Can I Just Buy Offrakle License?

The license is never sold, it’s free and it’s issued when you pay for the account just after creating the account, the license is not for sale. It’s a unique identifier for all customers.

How Can I Create Offrakle Account?

If you want to create offrakle account then go here:-

After creating your own account next thing to do is to go here:- use your account email during payment to help the payment department to identify you’re the person that paid,

After payment you will wait for 30 minutes for your payment to be confirmed on the Blockchain network and your license will be mailed to you,

NOTE: license is not used to login, only your login details and after 30 minutes of payment you should login. If you try logging into your account and you’re unable to access your account then contact our support team for help.

For more further help or inquiries contact our support team, we recommend you read our terms HERE to avoid disruption of service or transactions in the future. Your question “What Is Offrakle?” Is answered, Please Share this carding Flash Funds software.

Where to Sell Bitcoin in Ukraine

Are you looking for where to sell Bitcoin in Ukraine? Crypto exchange to Ukraine Hryvnia UAH? It is easy when you use to change Bitcoin to your local currency.

At inflowchange exchanges are carried out on automated rate, you can sell your Bitcoin without verification or going through any security check, you can sell your Bitcoin without sign up or login but it is advised to create account and login then initiate your exchange request to help you track your exchange status,

Just follow below steps and you will be able to sell Bitcoin in Ukraine and get paid in Ukraine Hryvnia UAH.

STEP ONE: Just open your browser and type in the inflowchange website address at and when it opens on the homepage you will see a sign up and login decide which to use, as a new user click sign up,

STEP TWO: Create an account and login, when you login click the “New Exchange” tab and proceed.

Using inflowchange is very easy and the platform is very transparent, you can get the app on Google play store or Appstore to help you send, receive, save, buy and sell crypto Currencies.

Remember: if you want to buy Crypto Currency you must verify your account on inflowchange but if you’re selling you don’t need any verification on inflowchange.

Benefits And Rewards of Inflowchange

You can join the referral program on inflowchange and make money by referring people and when they make an exchange you get commission from what they exchanged. You will qualify for rewards when you make up to 10 (ten) orders in a month using Inflowchange

Do you have any question? Or any inquiries to make? We advise you to visit the inflowchange website and go to their FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information or better contact the customer support if you need any help.

Flash Bitcoin

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges in Nigeria to Sell Bitcoin 2023

Here are the Top 5 Crypto Exchanges in Nigeria to Sell Bitcoin, best crypto to cash exchangers in Nigeria to sell your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and get paid instantly without delays or hassles.

1- – Inflowchange is an instant Bitcoin to Naira exchanger, it doesn’t delay for you to get your payment. It is automatic

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges in Nigeria to Sell Bitcoin

2- – cryptogoodrate is number two for it’s swift response to customers, also, you can buy Bitcoin from them without verification ID or anything, for faster service just chat then up if you want to buy or sell


3- Bundle – bundle is another platform that like Inflowchange, bundle has a mobile app as well, it is user-friendly and almost instant as Inflowchange

4- Luno – luno has been in service for almost a decade now, it is reliable and has good customer response rate but buying Bitcoin is not easy on Luno

5- is number two, we all know this platform has been in service for over 5years but is still one of the best but not in the top 3 anymore since they made their upgrade that made the platform not user-friendly anymore

Clipboard Hijacker Malware

Clipboard Hijacker Malware is used by cyber criminals to most divert fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions and more, This can be achieved simply by changing cryptocurrency wallet addresses from those saved in users’ clipboards to others owned by cyber criminals.

In this way, they use Clipboard Hijacker to steal cryptocurrency from other people who use cryptocurrencies and make associated transactions. This malware must be uninstalled immediately.

Here’s How to prevent financial loss caused through Clipboard Hijacker

Also Known As: Clipboard Hijacker

Virus Type: Trojan

More On Clipboard Hijacker And How To Remove It

The clipboard is a buffer in operating systems used to temporarily store data while it is moved (typically, copied) from one place to another. For example, data copied from a document is stored in the clipboard so that users can then paste it to another, perhaps different, document.

In this particular case, cyber criminals use Clipboard Hijacker to replace the cryptocurrency wallet addresses that are copied to the clipboard with addresses of other wallets. Many people make transactions by entering their wallet addresses manually and copy them to the clipboard.

Cyber criminals then use Clipboard Hijacker to replace it with another address so that unsuspecting victims transfer money to them and not the intended recipient.

People tend not to double-check wallet addresses entered, and cyber criminals then successfully trick them into making unintentional transactions. To prevent this, remove Clipboard Hijacker immediately and double-check all addresses before making cryptocurrency transactions.

It then installs malware. Malicious programs are also spread through Trojans, which, if installed, download and install other malicious programs. Examples of dubious download channels/tools are Peer-to-Peer networks (torrent clients, eMule and other tools), freeware download or file hosting websites, unofficial websites, third party downloaders, etc.

Cyber criminals use these to disguise infected files as harmless. When people download and open them, however, they install high-risk malware.

Software ‘cracking’ tools often download and install malicious programs rather than activating paid software or operating systems free of charge. Fake software update tools cause damage to systems by exploiting bugs/flaws of installed software that is out-of-date, or they install malicious software rather than updating legitimate programs already installed.

How to avoid installation of malware

If an email is received from an unknown, suspicious, or untrustworthy address and contains an attachment or web link, do not open it. All software should be downloaded from official websites and using direct download links. The aforementioned (and similar sources) should not be trusted.

Installed programs or operating systems must be updated through implemented functions or tools provided by official software developers. If installed software requires paid activation, it should not be performed using third party (‘cracking’) tools. These are illegal and often cause installation of malware.

Keep your computer safe by scanning it with reputable anti-virus or anti-spyware software regularly and keep it up-to-date. If you believe that your computer is already infected, we recommend running a scan with Combo Cleaner Antivirus for Windows to automatically eliminate infiltrated malware.

Instant automatic malware removal:

Manual threat removal might be a lengthy and complicated process that requires advanced computer skills. Combo Cleaner is a professional automatic malware removal tool that is recommended to get rid of malware. Purchase it by clicking the button below:


How to remove malware manually?

Manual malware removal is a complicated task – it is usually best to allow antivirus or anti-malware programs to do this automatically.

To remove this malware we recommend using Combo Cleaner Antivirus for Windows. If you wish to remove malware manually, the first step is to identify the name of the malware that you are trying to remove. Here is an example of a suspicious program running on a user’s computer:

Clipboard Malware Darkwebsoftwares

If you checked the list of programs running on your computer, for example, using task manager, and identified a program that looks suspicious, you should continue with these steps:

Manual malware removal step 1

Get Autoruns premium. This program shows auto-start applications, Registry, and file system locations:

If you checked the list of programs running on your computer, for example, using task manager, and identified a program that looks suspicious, you should continue with these steps:

Clipboard Malware Darkwebsoftwares

Manual malware removal step 2

Restart your computer into Safe Mode:

Windows XP and Windows 7 users: Start your computer in Safe Mode. Click Start, click Shut Down, click Restart, click OK. During your computer start process, press the F8 key on your keyboard multiple times until you see the Windows Advanced Option menu, and then select Safe Mode with Networking from the list.

Clipboard Malware Darkwebsoftwares

Video showing how to start Windows 7 in “Safe Mode with Networking”:

Windows 8 users: Start Windows 8 is Safe Mode with Networking – Go to Windows 8 Start Screen, type Advanced, in the search results select Settings. Click Advanced startup options, in the opened “General PC Settings” window, select Advanced startup. Click the “Restart now” button.

Your computer will now restart into the “Advanced Startup options menu”. Click the “Troubleshoot” button, and then click the “Advanced options” button. In the advanced option screen, click “Startup settings”. Click the “Restart” button. Your PC will restart into the Startup Settings screen. Press F5 to boot in Safe Mode with Networking.

Clipboard Malware

Video showing how to start Windows 8 in “Safe Mode with Networking”:

Windows 10 users: Click the Windows logo and select the Power icon. In the opened menu click “Restart” while holding “Shift” button on your keyboard. In the “choose an option” window click on the “Troubleshoot”, next select “Advanced options”. In the advanced options menu select “Startup Settings” and click on the “Restart” button.

In the following window you should click the “F5” button on your keyboard. This will restart your operating system in safe mode with networking.

Clipboard Malware

Video showing how to start Windows 10 in “Safe Mode with Networking”:

Manual malware removal step 3

Extract the downloaded archive and run the Autoruns.exe file.

Clipboard Malware

Manual malware removal step 4

In the Autoruns application, click “Options” at the top and uncheck the “Hide Empty Locations” and “Hide Windows Entries” options. After this procedure, click the “Refresh” icon.

Manual malware removal step 5

Check the list provided by the Autoruns application and locate the malware file that you want to eliminate.

You should write down its full path and name. Note that some malware hides process names under legitimate Windows process names. At this stage, it is very important to avoid removing system files. After you locate the suspicious program you wish to remove, right click your mouse over its name and choose “Delete”.

After removing the malware through the Autoruns application (this ensures that the malware will not run automatically on the next system startup), you should search for the malware name on your computer. Be sure to enable hidden files and folders before proceeding. If you find the filename of the malware, be sure to remove it.

Reboot your computer in normal mode. Following these steps should remove any malware from your computer. Note that manual threat removal requires advanced computer skills. If you do not have these skills, leave malware removal to antivirus and anti-malware programs.

These steps might not work with advanced malware infections. As always it is best to prevent infection than try to remove malware later. To keep your computer safe, install the latest operating system updates and use antivirus software.

To be sure your computer is free of malware infections, we recommend scanning it with Combo Cleaner Antivirus for Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My computer is infected with a Clipboard Hijacker, should I format my storage device to get rid of it?

No, this malware can be removed without formatting the storage device. Our malware removal guide can be found above.

What are the biggest issues that malware can cause?

It depends on the type of malware. Typically, the biggest issues with having a computer infected with malware are data loss, monetary loss, hijacked personal accounts, identity theft, and (or) additional computer infections.

What is the purpose of a Clipboard Hijacker?

This malware replaces a cryptocurrency wallet address copied to the clipboard with an address owned by cybercriminals. It is used to steal cryptocurrency by tricking victims into making unintentional transactions.

How did a malware infiltrate my computer?

Most cybercriminals use phishing and other social engineering techniques (lime emails containing malicious links or attachments, fake system warning messages, etc.), drive-by downloads, P2P networks, unofficial software download websites, and cracked software distribution sites to distribute malware. In all cases, their goal is to trick users into executing malware by themselves.

Will Combo Cleaner protect me from malware?

Yes, Combo Cleaner can detect and eliminate almost all known malware. It is important to know that high-end malware usually hides deep in the operating system. In such cases, it is required to run a full system scan to eliminate malware from it.

5 Ways to Track Someone

With Offratrack you can track someone in 5 ways, here’s 5 ways to track someone’s exact location, offratrack is a tracking software for phone numbers, deployment of malware/spyware mostly used by law enforcements or private investigators.

If you’re looking for a way to trace someone that defrauded you, your friend or family member but you managed to get their real phone number that they use then you are welcome to use Offratrack,

How To Use Offratrack| Offratrack Instructions:

Offratrack must not be used on a burner phone numbers, offratrack must not be used on business lines. If you don’t have the target’s phone number then you should use the deployment options.

Types of Deployments:

  1. Pop-up’s
  2. Clipboard
  3. E-Mail
  4. Links
  5. Downloading files

We have explained the types of deployments and how they work below kindly read carefully.

Pop-up Deployment: Pop-up Deployment option is to deploy an eye catchy pop-up notifications to your target and when they accept it their device will be infected by a malware and spyware to aid your tracking or spying

Clipboard Deployment: Clipboard Deployment option is to infect your target’s clipboard to enable you replace any link they might copy in the feature with link to auto download offratrack malware/spyware into their device root which will aid your tracking/spying

Email Deployment: Email Deployment option is to deploy eye catchy emails to your target and whenever they open it and auto download of offratrack files will be initiated, their device will be infected by a malware and spyware to aid your tracking or spying

Links Deployment: Links Deployment option is two in one which is clipboard and email Deployment but works in a different dimension, their device will be infected by a malware and spyware to aid your tracking or spying

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Downloading Files Deployment: Downloading files deployment works perfectly well through their clipboard as well but also works in a different dimension, their device will be infected by a malware and spyware to aid your tracking or spying

How does Offratrack work?

It is used to track a phone numbers or to infect the target’s device with malware or spyware that will aid the tracking of their exact location even if their location settings are turned off

Do I need license before i can use Offratrack?

No need for License purchase, you only pay for Offratrack and it comes with it’s own license upon payment for Offratrack.

Is it available on computer and mobile phones?

Offratrack is available on only android mobile phones, it is also available on windows and MacBook/MacBook Pro

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Do I need VPN to use Offratrack?

VPN for what? Are you hacking a Credit Card? The answer to your question is “NO”

Does it come with guide on how to install and use?

Yes, it comes with a guide on the installation process, how to use it and how to fix minor challenges, Incase you face any challenge and you are unable yo fix it contact our customer support immediately to assist you.

How to check credit card available balance

We know how important it is for you to check available balance of a credit card so here’s how to check credit card available balance,

every hacker either new or professional wants to check the card in their possession before carrying the carding, that is a very important part of carding.

Successfully check Credit/Debit Card balance

Wether it is credit card or debit card you should check the available balance of it before you begin the carding by taking out funds from the card,

checking availability of funds in the credit/debit card helps you determine how much you want to take out or know if there’s no money in it or not. For you to be able to check available balance of a particular credit/debit card you must have access to the account and for you to have access it’s either the account belongs to you or you very close to the account holder,

How to check credit card available balance

another way is to hack the bank account and hacking a bank account involves a lot of risks and a lot of skills before you can successfully do that. Worry not because this article will walk you through how to check credit card available balance without having any skills or managing any risk. To successfully do the balance checking you need offrakle,

What is Offrakle?

offrakle is an all in one hacking software/application that aids you carry out a lot of illegitimate transactions related to bank and other unregulated crypto services, learn more about offrakle here.

Watch How to Hack credit card and withdraw money from it using Offrakle

How to get offrakle

if you want to get offrakle you have to first of all create your account (online or on the application/software). If you want to download the app kindly download offrakle here,

How to check credit card available balance

after creating your account you will have to make a payment for it depending on the license you chose during your account creation, ensure yo use a valid email incase the customer support wants to reach out to you. Learn how to create your offrakle account here, if you have any question don’t forget to contact offrakle customer support. With offrakle you can convert your funds to bitcoin and sell your bitcoin to cash at any crypto exchange such as binance, inflowchange and many more. Goodluck!

PalmPay – Best African digital banking

PalmPay is digital wallet with account opening, money transfer and bills. It is better than Opay and here’s why.

On PalmPay, you can send money to both Platform users and non-PalmPay users, you can receive funds from any bank account in Nigeria and you can also withdraw your earnings to your bank account.

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Is PalmPay for Nigeria only?

PalmPay is a leading Pan-African digital wallet operating in Nigeria, Ghana and many African countries. It is a company, duly licensed under the Central Bank of Nigeria (the “CBN”) Mobile payment regulatory authorization to provide Mobile Money Services including mobile payment services to both the banked and the unbanked; and to drive financial inclusion in Nigeria, The platform service is available in Nigeria and Ghana.

Does PalmPay need BVN?

All you need is your BVN and the phone number you have registered on your BVN.

What is PalmPay Limit?

Once you upgrade to Tier 2, your daily transaction limit will be increased to N200,000 and your maximum wallet balance will be increased to N500,000. This means that you can do more with it every day.

Can PalmPay receive payment from abroad?

PalmPay has only been licensed by CBN to operate in Nigeria as Mobile Money Operator. It is yet to be licensed to carry out International Money Transfer services.

Is Palm Pay Trusted?

And you can be assured of the reliability of our platform – 99% of our customers have voted us as the most reliable payment platform in Nigeria. . Goodbye charges, hello rewards! With it you save on fees and earn as you spend through discounts and cashback. Get the app now and make your money go further.

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What is PalmPay disadvantage?

Palmpay customer service is one of the worst I have ever encountered. If money is debited from your account over a failed transaction, it is better you forget and let it go, or the money and time you’ll waste contacting the customer care may end up equating to what was debited from your account.

PalmPay and Opay which is the best?

PalmPay has better solution than Opay due to: Faster in transfer and Higher success rate of payment. It also has a larger merchant network and supports more valued-added payment services.

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