5 steps to bypass Google adsense address pin verification

We decided to help you bypass Google address verification and you can do it on this 5 steps to bypass Google adsense address pin verification,

5 Steps To Bypass Google Adsense Address Pin Verification

For you to bypass adsense pin verification you have to read attentively so that you will learn bypassing google adsense address pin verification

I was frustrated trying to withdraw my money from google adsense (over $1,000) but to no avail until one day i was just playing around google adsense then i accidentally clicked a button that has been there for long which i always see whenever i login my adsense account,

5 steps to bypass Google adsense address pin verification

This button led me to what led to a good news of my life so i will guide you on how to bypass Google adsense address pin verification, for those of you that have been trying to verify address pin on google adsense do not worry.

I am going to be brief below in a simple and plain english to help you understand.

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Reach the google payment threshold or verify your identity first, google adsense usually request you verify your identity whenever you have made over $10 – $20 so after you have verified your identity they will ask you to verify your address by a pin they will mail you to your address, before this stage (identity verification) make sure the address and postal code you put in your profile settings are correct,

I recommend you google your address postal code or you make inquiry at you nearby postal office that covers your address, make sure everything is correct.

When they ask you to verify your don’t worry, keep checking and keep resending the pin request until you reach the maximum pin request which is three (3) by then you will follow below process.

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you will see a notification at the top of your dashboard on google adsense, see notification on below screenshot


under the notification you will see the learn more tab as i highlighted on above screenshot click it, you will be redirected to a different page, scroll down and follow this below screenshot process


Click the pin troubleshooter you will be taken to another page where to confirm your email, see fifth step below


Hit the next button and you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to verify your identity just upload your international passport and fill out other information correctly and the google adsense will use your identity verification to replace the pin verification,

NOTE: after submitting your details and passport you must allow one hour or more and google will mail you,

you will receive an email confirming that your identity details you provided served as your address verification, After that you will need to get back to your adsense dashboard and you will see that automatic payment has been issued to your payment method.

WARNING to ensure you will follow my guide and succeed

you must ensure you have set a valid correct payment method, you must have exceeded the pin request limit

Learn how to track someone here.

below is the screenshot of what you will see after following this 5 steps to bypass Google adsense address pin verification process

On above screenshot the first arrow pointing to the last payment indicates that google has paid to your payment method, second arrow pointing down indicates that your billing address has been verified.